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NCTC is only accepting agency submissions at this time.  Agents, please follow submission guidelines below.


1. Plays considered must be in one of the following genres:

  • LGBTQIA and Allied themed plays or musicals
  • Theatre for youth (traditional or progressive)


2. Optimal cast size is 4-8.


3. Submit a one page inquiry letter that includes:

  1. Brief history of the work
  2. Cast size & character breakdown
  3. Synopsis
  4. Information about current options/contracts if applicable
  5. Playwright or agents contact information, including e-mail address.


4. Submit your inquiry to Ed Decker, NCTC Founding Artistic Director, ed@nctcsf.org


Agents will be contacted should we wish to invite submission of a full manuscript.


Due to the high volume of inquiries we are unable to accept or respond to uninvited manuscripts.


No phone calls, please. Response time is usually 3-6 weeks.