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Goldi Locks and the Three Aliens

Oct 8-16

Goldi Locks and the Three Aliens is the story of Goldi, a young student who is picked on by her classmates for being a “science nerd” and who just doesn’t quite fit in her world.  Everything changes when three new students come to her defense and reveal that they are actually aliens exploring the universe. They invite her along for a life-changing ride to try out new worlds, hoping to find one that is “just right” for her. Goldi comes to realize that her world isn’t perfect, but she has the power to make it the place she hopes it can be.


Written and Directed by NCTC Conservatory Director Stephanie Temple

Best for ages 4 and up.


Performances on Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm & 4pm


Tickets: $10 Youth, $20 Adult




Goldi Locks: Una Lynch

Pa-Pow: Paul Dunn

Ma-Mow: Francesca Hernandez

Be-Bey: Findlay Fullarton


Ensemble: Aviv Drobey, Tulasi Holdridge, McKenzie Isaac, Alice Talker, Diego Villegas, Nadja Yaroschuk, Gabriel Zhu


Star Crew: Bianca Bishop, Grace Nelligen

Stage Managers: Harry Billings, Sarah Weihl

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