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Coming Soon: The Pawsitive Puppy Mind

MAR 1 - 12, 2021

By Andrew Nance
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


These performers are in need of a rhyme- or three! Interactive, playful, and educational, The Pawsitive Puppy Mind by Andrew Nance engages grade school students in understanding how to navigate their wandering "puppy minds". Filled with catchy rhymes and funny dialogue, this pawsitively powerful play teaches young people about the importance of training their minds and bodies to focus so they can have more fun learning.


  • YouthAware touring programs feature professional staging that works in a variety of venues
  • Plays may be presented up to two times a day in a theater, gym, cafeteria, or other multi–purpose room
  • Runs 30 – 35 minutes, including the post–play dialogue. Minimal set up requirements for our load–in one hour prior to house open, and just thirty minutes to load out of your space
  • There are no special lighting requirements, and we provide sound equipment including speakers and microphones
  • We will not turn schools away for lack of funds


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YouthAware Testimonials

  • My students and I have been attending the "Get Real" production for many many years and it is a valuable part of our curriculum. The students enjoy the performance and receive the necessary content to fulfill curricular standards that carried further back in the classroom.

  • Students have learned about bullying, diversity and HIV awareness. As they reflected on their year many recalled the lessons they learned at these NCTC plays.

  • The YouthAware Programs provide thoughtful messages throughout the performances which stick with my class and provide a forum for discussion.

  • My students have attended NCT educational theater for years. It is an important part of their health education.

  • This program is a wonderful way for our students to gain vital information about a diverse array of issues that affect our youth on a daily basis. We have used them for years to educate our youth and hope to work with them long into the future!

  • These are great programs that provide an excellent place to begin conversations with my students on issues that are difficult to start. As an elementary teacher I have attended these shows for the last seven years.

  • The various topics brought out in YouthAware's "Get Real!" allow for meaningful discussions throughout the school year.

  • The YouthAware Educational Theatre has brought many performances to our school...educating many of our students around topics of HIV/AIDS Awareness, Bullying, Diversity, Homophobia and School Safety. They are engaging performances and extremely informative.

  • These performances are filled with important content delivered in a positive manner that engages our students at every show. They spark wonderful discussions about health issues, bullying and diversity important for our population.

  • These performances make a difference at our school. The presentations always resonate with our student body and the feedback from our students is always positive.

  • I have taken my students to see both anti-bullying and HIV/AIDS awareness plays. I find these plays and the post discussions they engender to be an integral an invaluable portion of my health education curriculum.

  • Outspoken has taught me that it's okay to be different from others. I do not have to match up with any of the stereotypes that exist.

  • After seeing that other people go through the same thing, I felt more comfortable to being who I truly am.

  • I thought your play was awesome. I hope that everyone can learn something from it. It was better than having someone lecture about it because that would have been boring. I think that students will able to understand more about labels and how they hurt by watching this play.

  • When we went back to the classroom they were able to name all of the main understandings of the show.

  • The goofiness was great for kids who understand you were being goofy and just perfect for the younger ones who really enjoyed your goofiness. Also the rapping was engaging for them!