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Playwright Donja R. Love is an AfroQueer playwright, poet and filmmaker from Philadelphia. He’s the recipient of the 2018 Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, the 2017 Princess Grace Playwriting Fellow, and The Lark’s 2016 Van Lier New Voices Playwriting Fellow. His work has been developed at Manhattan Theatre Club, The Lark and The Playwrights Realm.



Director ShawnJ West is a California-based director and actor. West relocated to the Bay Area almost nine years ago after 16 years in Seattle, WA where he directed productions of the Seattle cult hit Sex In Seattle: Episodes 15, 16, 17 & 18 with SIS Productions; ReAct’s production of WELL; and the 2009 West Coast premiere of Illyria and The Seven Year Itch with Redwood Theatre. His Bay Area directing credits include the Playwright Center San Francisco’s shorts and showcase, the African American Shakespeare Company’s production of Cinderella, A Soulful Christmas with Lorraine Hansberry Theatre as well as assistant director on Macbeth also with the African American Shakespeare Company.





Written by Donja R. Love (pronouns: he/his)
Directed by ShawnJ West (pronouns: he/him)
Scenic design by Carlos Aceves (pronouns: he/him)
Intimacy direction by Arturo Catricala (pronouns: he/him)
Costume design by Corrida Carr (pronouns: she/her)
Dramaturgy by Jewelle Gomez (pronouns: she/her)
Assistant sound design by Daniel Hall (pronouns: he/him)
Scenic design by Devin Kasper (pronouns: he/him)
Sound design by Brittany Mellerson (pronouns: she/her)
Props design by Sharon Peng (pronouns: he/him)
Lighting design by Claudio Silva (pronouns: he/him)

Scenic design ... Carlos Aceves

Intimacy direction ... Arturo Catricala

Costume design ... Corrida Carr

Dramaturgy ... Jewelle Gomez

Assistant sound design ... Daniel Hall

Scenic design ... Devin Kasper

Sound design ... Brittany Mellerson

Props design ... Y. Sharon Peng

Lighting design ... Claudio Silva