New Conservatory Theatre Center v ---

Live from the Basement

Feb. 11 - Feb. 19, 2017

A modern mashup of classic kids songs

The band's finally booked their first gig, but their manager has a big surprise in store for them...instead of a club, they'll be headlining at the local elementary school and instead of playing their indie hit cover songs, they will have to play nursery rhymes. Will they be ready in time? Can they make classic kids songs cool again? And what happens when you sing "Jack & Jill" to a Jamaican beat or "The Muffin Man" in the style of Alicia Keys? Come to their last rehearsal to find out!


Directed by Stephanie Temple


Saturdays and Sundays at 2 & 4PM


Best for ages 6+


Cover: $15 Adult, $10 Youth 

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