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We'll bring a drama workshop to your K-8 classroom and get everyone involved in the fun. Whether you're looking for a team-building experience, working on public speaking, or getting your students active, we've got you covered.


With in-school workshops, we can adapt our program to fit the needs of your students. Teachers and administrators can choose (1) a themed workshop culminating in a sharing of skills for parents or classmates, (2) an introductory workshop which focuses on all-group activities and lots of games, or (3) with advanced planning, we can use drama to explore themes or topics you're covering in your curriculum. Fees are based on length of residency (usually anywhere from 4-16 sessions,) hours of instruction, type of workshop chosen and size of class. Let us know what you need and we'll come up with a workshop to fit your budget.



  • Classes with more than 16 students will have 2 teaching artists.
  • Workshops can meet once or several times a week.
  • Our teaching artist needs a distraction-free room large enough for the students to stand in a circle.
  • Residencies range in price, depending on the class size, length and resources of the school site. *DCYF school sites may be fully funded. Check with us for more details.



For more information, contact Jamie Brooke, Education Program Administrator, at (415) 694-6159 or