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The health and well-being of young people are at the heart of everything we do in NCTC Education. NCTC has been in partnership with SFUSD and the SF Health Department for decades, providing educational touring productions and enrichment activities with themes exploring bullying, peer pressure, homophobia, gender expectations, substance abuse, and violence. Our experience in guiding young people and teaching artists alike has led us to create an innovative new program called IM, which stands for Identity Matters.


IM Residencies will resume on a limited basis in Spring 2023.



Using theatre tools, we’ll help high school classroom teachers guide students in exploring their identities with the goal of mutual understanding and appreciation of one another.




The IM curriculum is designed to teach empathy, acceptance of diversity, and to foster cooperation and unity. Students will develop theatre and social skills while engaging with a wide range of material including articles, poetry, media, and hard data, along with the sharing of their classmates’ personal stories. By the end of the residency, each group will create one final piece to share with their classmates and facilitators.


For their IM residency, teachers may choose lesson plans from one of three curriculum content areas: race, gender, or self-image. The IM residency is led by a teaching artist from NCTC with classroom management support provided by the participating site teacher. The IM program is also designed to provide professional development for teachers by introducing new techniques for use in the classroom long after the NCTC residency concludes.



Please contact Jamie Brooke, Education Program Administrator, at (415) 694-6159 or for additional information and to schedule a consultation for a residency.




Lincoln High School - In School Residency

San Francisco, California

March 2016



Gritty City Repertory Youth Theatre - Summer Residency

Oakland, California

July 2016



City Arts and Technology High School
San Francisco, CA
Spring 2017



Lincoln High School - In School Residency

San Francisco, California

September - October 2019



Leadership Public High Schools - In School Residency

Hayward, California

January - February 2020


NCTC is a member of the National Pride Youth Theatre Alliance.