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"NCTC let me meet new friends and learn new acting tricks I will take with me forever." - Nina O.


"NCTC showed me it’s ok to be myself." - Ben W.


"I didn’t realize how fun acting was until I came to NCTC." - Meghan W.


"My time at NCTC for the past 5 years has been some of the best years of my life. Everyone is so nice and caring. I will never forget the times and memories that I’ve had here." - Maria


"The workshop at NCTC made me feel comfortable to look crazy."Mikaela C.


“NCTC has let me expand my horizons as to both what I enjoy being a part of, and what I want to pursue. I am so glad to be part of such a warm community. It is really great to have a place where I feel like I can stop trying to please others and just be who I really am.” - Lena G.


"I always find myself looking forward to going to NCTC." - Maya W.


"NCTC is one of the happiest places on the planet." - Julian H.


"NCTC has inspired me to open my mind to an array of different perspectives. Every time I walk into that theatre, I walk out learning something new about my own capabilities." - Regina L.


"When I'm at NCTC with my friends I can completely be myself." - Masha S.  


"NCTC is one of the most welcoming and supportive communities I've been a part of, because they created an environment where I could freely express myself and have fun with some amazing friends." - Jemma F.


“I love it here. It’s like a family” - Jason S.




"NCTC embraces the diversity this mom speaks about while being able to express yourself without judgment." - April W.


 "My daughter’s involvement in the summer programs and school-year ensemble has fulfilled much more than just her interest in performing — she's learned about all of the aspects of running a theater, stretched herself, found different ways she can contribute, and benefited from the numerous rewards that come along with that effort. Best of all, she’s become part of the NCTC family."  - Sue B.


"NCTC is where my daughter 'grew up.'  She learned life-long lessons and made life-long friends from NCTC classes. She learned to be a team player and that being in and out of the spotlight is important.  She learned to think on her toes and to help friends in any way she can, on and off stage."


"We love NCTC's summer and school year youth programs. Our 2 kids have gone out of their way to participate and they've gained so much from their interaction with their peers and NCTC staff.  They've developed their communication skills, tapped into their creative side, made new friends and developed independence. We'll be back for more."


"Participating in theater at NCTC has been positively transformative for our child. It has helped him develop socially and to come out of his shell, and taught him to negotiate, compromise, improvise, cooperate -- all useful skills -- not to mention being tremendous fun! An added benefit is that our child loves theater now and enjoys going to plays with us in San Francisco and when we travel. I can't think of a better and more enriching way for him to spend his time -- we've been thrilled with NCTC! Highly recommended!" - Eve L.


"Working with the NCTC Teen Ensemble has been a fantastic experience for my child. Stephanie's gift for combining high quality performances and professionalism with a deep sense of joy is truly unparalleled. We look forward to every show!"