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You have questions, we have answers.  Here are the answers to all our frequently asked questions.


Summer 2020 camp cancellation policy

In order to receive a credit or refund (minus fees,) written notice must be received at least 3 weeks before the start of camp. After that period, no credit or refund will be issued. This policy includes students who were enrolled previous to 3/15/20 and transferred to corresponding online camps. If a camp is cancelled by NCTC, full tuition and fees will be refunded.


How do I get help registering for a class or making a payment?  

Contact Kathleen Lee, Conservatory Programs Manager, at 415.861.6148 or


Does NCTC offer any discounts, payment plans or scholarships?

Yes, we do! Please click here for more information



All first-time NCTC students are asked to schedule a new student interview at least two weeks prior to their first class. We use this meeting to get to know the student, make sure they are in the best class for their needs, answer any questions you may have and give a tour of the theatre.


How many students are in each class?

Class sizes range from 8-16 students (up to 20 in the summer) depending on the age group and content.  Please know class size maximums are enforced to ensure the best possible learning environment for your child. Register early to secure your spot.


Who are the faculty?

All of NCTC’s teachers are professional educators and artists who receive regular professional development. Click here for more information.


Can I try a class before I register?

If there is still space in a class, you are welcome to audit the first day. If you like it, then you can register with the Conservatory Office.  Please note: many of our classes fill up and the only way to ensure a spot is to register in advance.


What should I bring to class?

Students in all classes should wear clothes and shoes they are comfortable jumping, crawling and rolling in.  Please no hats, costumes, or open-toed shoes. Hair should be pulled back and out of your child’s face.


For those with longer classes or multiple classes in a day, you may want to pack a small snack and a water bottle.  Please note: to ensure the safety of all of our students, we have a no-nut policy for both peanuts and tree-nuts (including hazelnut products such as Nutella.)


May I watch my child during class?

We do not allow parents or other guests to observe class. This policy is to protect the privacy of your child and their classmates. We want the students to be focused on the instructors and feel free take creative risks in a safe, trusting environment.


Is there a place I can wait while my child is in class?

Parents are welcome to wait in our main lobby during class, however, please know that you are responsible for any young children who are waiting with you and that our lobby is not baby-proof. Hayes Valley is a great place to go get a cup of coffee and/or get some work done.


Can I drop off my student early?

NCTC is unable to provide extended supervision before or after our classes.  We staff our lobby fifteen minutes prior to and after each class. Please arrange for punctual drop off and pick up.


Where do I park/drop-off/pick-up?

There is metered street parking on our block. You might also have more luck if you go out a little further. There are two paid parking lots between Oak St. and Market St., if you plan on staying longer than a simple drop-off. There is a building-appointed security guard in the upper lobby most mornings.


Drop-off: If you choose, you may pull up in the bus stop, drop off your child and watch them run in to the building. We will have them sign in once they arrive downstairs in the NCTC lower lobby.


Sign-in: All students are required to sign in and out at our lower lobby desk.


Pick-up: Most parents of our younger students choose to park and pick up their child from our lower lobby. Older students have the option of signing themselves out and waiting unsupervised in the upper, street-level lobby or waiting out front for pick up. We recommend them staying inside the building until they see your car pull up. Be wary of blocking the bus stop for too long or when a bus is coming, as you may be ticketed. Some parents choose to pull over in the alley on Hickory St. or Oak St. and text their child their location or have the child text them they are ready by the door. Do what works best for your family and your child.


What if my child needs to miss class due to an illness or planned vacation?

If your child is ill on the day of a class, please call the Conservatory office and let us know.


Attendance is very important for drama classes as we are often working on ensemble-based work.  Having the whole team here each week really matters! And as we approach the classes leading up to the final presentation, we are assigning and rehearsing specific roles.  If a student misses some of these crucial classes (due to illness or vacation) we may need to scale back their participation, and in some cases, remove them from the final presentation. We want them and their classmates to feel confident and prepared before going in front of an audience. This will be left up to the discretion of the teacher.


Is there a play at the end of class?

NCTC is a process-based program focused on building theatre and life skills.  All classes end with a final presentation, which showcases the skill students have been learning. This presentation may include a sharing of favorite games and exercises, student-generated work or rehearsed scenes. 


Will I be able to photograph and/or film my child’s final presentation?

NCTC does not allow photographs or video to be taken during any performance. We want you (and your fellow audience members) to be able to enjoy the performance as it’s happening--not through an iPhone screen. We also want our students to be able to focus on their performance and not be distracted by or feel self-conscious because of a roomful of cameras. So, go ahead and turn off your phones and enjoy your child’s performance in the moment.


How do I get my free student ticket to a Family Matinee production?

All enrolled students receive one free ticket to each Family Matinee production of the season in which they are enrolled. Please contact the Box Office at 415.861.8972 or to arrange for your complimentary ticket.

  • "NCTC is like a second home for all students and everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door"

      – Jacob T.
  • "I’m always excited to come to NCTC and my confidence has grown immensely throughout the time I’ve worked here."

      – McKenzie I.
  • "NCTC is my favorite place on earth. The people here are amazing and very supportive."

      – Cliodhna W.
  • "Over the past 5 years I have built a community of people I really care for at NCTC. NCTC has given me so many opportunities to challenge myself and be creative."

      – Una L.
  • "NCTC is a place where I can be confident and take risks. The community is so nice and welcoming. It is like a second home to me."

      – Sydney D.
  • "Every time I come to NCTC, I feel like I’m at home and I can let my theatre spirit run free!"

      – Anabel R.