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It’s five classes in one!


High School Intensive #1 (Grades 8-12)

It’s five classes in one! Use this sampler class to explore or enhance your knowledge of a variety of theatre disciplines.

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Family Matinee Company

Here at NCTC, we create original and new adaptations of children’s plays for the Family Matinee Series. Enrolled NCTC students receive one complimentary ticket to each of these productions.

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High school and college internships

We love creating opportunities for young people and budding professionals at NCTC. Whether you’re in high school or college and want a career in theatre, we want to help you build your resume and experience.

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  • "NCTC is like a second home for all students and everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door"

      – Jacob T.
  • "I’m always excited to come to NCTC and my confidence has grown immensely throughout the time I’ve worked here."

      – McKenzie I.
  • "NCTC is my favorite place on earth. The people here are amazing and very supportive."

      – Cliodhna W.
  • "Over the past 5 years I have built a community of people I really care for at NCTC. NCTC has given me so many opportunities to challenge myself and be creative."

      – Una L.
  • "NCTC is a place where I can be confident and take risks. The community is so nice and welcoming. It is like a second home to me."

      – Sydney D.
  • "Every time I come to NCTC, I feel like I’m at home and I can let my theatre spirit run free!"

      – Anabel R.