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Pride on Tour: From White Plains

"From White Plains" travels to Modesto

When a young director receives international acclaim for a film based on his experience of bullying in high school, he uses his Oscar speech to out the real-life bully from his past. The lives of these two men become quickly tangled in the public eye as they see if revenge is really so sweet.


“Bristles with suspense... playing out in arenas both painfully intimate and glaringly public” – The New York Times


By Michael Perlman

In Collaboration with Craig Wesley Divino, Karl Gregory, Jimmy King and Aaron Rossini

Directed by Sara Staley


One Night Only!  Friday, May 1, 2015 at 8pm


Tickets: $20 Adults, $10 Students


Buy tickets at


Gallo Center for the Arts

1000 I St.

Modesto, CA 95354




In Association with
Bob A. Ross Foundation, Executive Producer
Jim Taul & David Hopmann, Executive Producers
Robert Burkes & Son Nguyen, Executive Producers
STEAMWORKS, Executive Producer
Norm Abramson & David Beery, Producers

Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center in Association with Bob A. Ross Foundation (Executive Producer), Jim Taul & David Hopmann (Executive Producers), Robert Burkes & Son Nguyen (Executive Producers), STEAMWORKS (Executive Producer), Norm Abramson & David Beery (Producers)

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