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The drama onstage is nothing compared to what’s happening behind the scenes in this original episodic series. Bay City Theatre Artistic Director Lola Grant is performing the ultimate balancing act: running a small, LGBTQ+ theatre during a pandemic, keeping her family together, and producing a new play- that’s still missing an ending. A new kind of podcast for a different kind of world, New Conservatory Theatre Center’s "In Good Company" is a love letter to the resilience of art, artists, and the places they call “home”.


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Written by Jewelle Gomez, Eric Reyes Loo, Laurel Ollstein, Tim Pinckney, and Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder


Directed by NCTC Founder and Artistic Director Ed Decker

Sound design by Kalon Thibodeaux


Cast: Toni Lynn Guidry (Narrator), James Arthur M. (Andre / Dugie / Jasmine), Chris Morrell (Skip Markley / Brick / Manicurist / Skateboarder / TV Newscaster), James Aaron Oh (Kaiser the Playwright), Desiree Rogers (Lola Grant / Frannie), Elena Ruggiero (Bridget / Gaby), Chris Steele (Constance / CJ), Vaho (Javier / Dr. Sorenson / YouTube Knitter)




“Promises an earnest, engaging answer that testifies to the art form’s inextinguishable power.” - San Francisco Chronicle


"Relevant dramatic podcast that speaks to the resilience of artists” - 7X7


Supported in part by The Bernard Osher Foundation, Horizons Foundation, Grants for the Arts and the generosity of NCTC's individual donors.