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Dated October 29, 2020


For NCTC, the last five months have been a time of activity and introspection around the issue of racial equity in our theatre community, and in our theatrical home. There’s a lot of work ahead, and we look forward to using the guidance provided by both the We See You White American Theatre and the The Living Document to help improve and increase our efforts. Part of our August commitment to the community included providing an update in October on our progress. Here are some of the action items we have undertaken in the last five months:


● Both Staff and Board are engaged in in-depth discussions and strategic planning for our ongoing work as a social and racial justice-oriented theatre organization


● We have increased BIPOC membership on our Board by 20% and are engaged in active recruitment measures to expand our Board with particular emphasis on broader BIPOC and queer spectrum representation


● We drafted a statement of values. Together with our mission and vision, this statement affirms the values important to us as an anti-racist queer-positive institution committed to effecting personal & societal growth, enlightenment and change. This statement is near completion and will be published on our website when done.


● We have implemented an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Statement with consultation from Indigenous stakeholders. For further information on this, please click here.


● We have improved methods to communicate our no tolerance policy for harassment, prejudice, and discrimination to all employees and volunteers in the organization.


● We will be promoting local BIPOC businesses and organizations in our emails, social media and printed programs.


● We have reviewed job posting policies in order to eliminate language that creates barriers such as salary history, and will now include salary ranges.


● We are continuing to expand our queer positive and BIPOC representation in our online education and performances programs.


When we can once again welcome live productions and live audiences into our space, some of our plans include:


● Expanding our pay-what-you-wish performances past previews to include rush tickets before every production in the theatre.


● Expanding our program of offering complimentary tickets or pay-what-you-wish tickets to BIPOC groups, and BIPOC youth/teens.


● Expanding and diversifying our roster of post-show discussion facilitators


● Expanding our opportunities for audiences to engage with the subject matter of the shows, via strategies such as special pre/post show events, program notes and lobby displays


● Balancing our production curation so that it is representative of a fuller spectrum of the queer and allied community each season.


In addition, we are reviewing all of our production processes from casting through the final curtain in order to ensure our theatre is a place that welcomes, empowers and uplifts all who visit and work here.


We acknowledge that this report is only the beginning of our work; many things are still in development. We hold ourselves accountable for this process, and commit to posting further updates in March of 2021.





Dated August 6, 2020


New Conservatory Theatre Center staff and board acknowledge the courage, pain, and wisdom that went into creating both “We See You White American Theatre” and “The Living Document.”  We appreciate the thought that went into these documents and the thorough list of actions we can take to become ever more inclusive and equitable.


NCTC is using this call to action to enhance the ongoing work we are doing at the artistic, staff, and board level to be an anti-racist organization. We are holding ourselves accountable so that we may continue to evolve as not only an arts and education institution, but also a voice of the Queer & Allied community that respects, honors, and welcomes all.


This is ongoing work.  We will be sharing our progress with ourcommunity on a regular basis, and commit to sharing our first progress report by October 2020.