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In Good Company

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Starting August 26th

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New Conservatory Theatre Center presents a kind-of-semi-true, behind-the-scenes podcast for when life goes off-script. 


The drama onstage is nothing compared to what’s happening behind the scenes in this original episodic series. Bay City Theatre Artistic Director Lola Grant is performing the ultimate balancing act: running a small, LGBTQ+ theatre during a pandemic, keeping her family together, and producing a new play- that’s still missing an ending. A new kind of podcast for a different kind of world, In Good Company is a love letter to the resilience of art, artists, and the places they call “home”.


This free 10-episode series will be available for streaming and download every Wednesday on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. For questions on listening to this podcast, please contact


Please consider donating to NCTC to support this work and additional programming while our theatre doors are closed. 




Written by Jewelle Gomez, Eric Reyes Loo, Laurel Ollstein, Tim Pinckney, and Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder


Directed by NCTC Founder and Artistic Director Ed Decker



Toni Lynn Guidry (Narrator)

James Arthur M. (Andre / Dugie / Jasmine)

Chris Morrell (Skip Markley / Brick / Manicurist / Skateboarder / TV Newscaster)

James Aaron Oh (Kaiser the Playwright)

Desiree Rogers (Lola Grant / Frannie)

Elena Ruggiero (Bridget / Gaby)

Chris Steele (Constance / CJ)

Vaho (Javier / Dr. Sorenson / YouTube Knitter)


Sound design by Kalon Thibodeaux


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