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Drama-rama #1

Grades 3-5

Wanna play? Join us for Drama-rama! In this game-focused workshop, students will ACT-ivate their theater muscles and build their imaginations. We’ll create zany characters, make silly stories, and dance around our living rooms like flamingos! A great time for beginners and seasoned theater kids alike, Drama-rama is your weekly appointment with fun.


To schedule a group class for your school or pod, please contact Kathleen Lee at Dates/times are flexible.


Instructor: Kathleen Lee

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  • "NCTC is like a second home for all students and everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door"

      – Jacob T.
  • "I’m always excited to come to NCTC and my confidence has grown immensely throughout the time I’ve worked here."

      – McKenzie I.
  • "NCTC is my favorite place on earth. The people here are amazing and very supportive."

      – Cliodhna W.
  • "Over the past 5 years I have built a community of people I really care for at NCTC. NCTC has given me so many opportunities to challenge myself and be creative."

      – Una L.
  • "NCTC is a place where I can be confident and take risks. The community is so nice and welcoming. It is like a second home to me."

      – Sydney D.
  • "Every time I come to NCTC, I feel like I’m at home and I can let my theatre spirit run free!"

      – Anabel R.