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40 quotes on 40 years

In honor of NCTC turning 40 years, we asked our community of artists, audience members, partners and more what has made our theatre a home. Cheers to the next 40 and click here to see what's coming up in the 2021-22 Season.



"NCTC is a home for me because of it’s commitment to LGBTQ theatre - encouraging the work of playwrights, directors, actors/actresses, back of house, and front of house making the organization an inclusive venue for LGBTQ community and allies.  Everyone involved from actor to audience member is treated with respect and warmly greeted each time they come through the doors." 

- Amy Meyers, Artist


 "I love that NCTC is very diverse, inclusive, they don't turn away children, and the classes are very fun."

- Aileen Mitchell, Parent 

"NCTC has impacted my work as a trans artist by giving me a platform to express my truest self, by celebrating my differences, rather than trying to change them to fit in some performative mold."

- Ezra Reaves, Actor


"The staff and quality of the plays and actors makes NCTC a home for me. NCTC offers intimacy and open communications."

- Andrew Leas, Donor



"Ed Decker and the wonderful staff at NCTC have welcomed me into the family with open arms since our very first collaboration on the 2019 YouthAware production of Outspoken. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an artistic home, but I am so, so grateful to know that the doors are wide open for me to create at NCTC. It has made me a better artist and I am forever indebted."

- Richard Mosqueda, Director


"NCTC is such a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. I felt that way as a kid growing up doing theater there and I still feel that way as a professional actor and teaching artist. Whatever role I take on within NCTC, I feel comfortable to be myself, explore and take risks as an artist. As a teacher, I love seeing my student's growth in drama class. Seeing them come out of their shell and seeing their imaginations run wild is always my favorite part!"

- Alex Akin, Actor and Teaching Artist


"The staff and patrons all care deeply and passionately about the art and mission of the organization."

- Andrew Smith, Donor


"What makes NCTC a home for me is the incredible people. From fearless Ed and the whole wonderful staff, to the amazing directors, designers, and actors, to the best, warmest audiences in the whole Bay Area. NCTC has impacted my work by letting me take risks and tackle challenges that pushed me further as an actor and artist. I've been given huge, complex, emotional work, and I'm so grateful to have gotten a chance to sink my teeth into those plays."

- Brennan Pickman-Thoon, Actor


"We get to see 'real life' LGBT characters! Love the visibility. We look forward to more trail-blazing and exciting productions!"

- Ken Prag, Donor



"NCTC has greatly impacted my work by offering a safe place to create the world of the play exploring the playwright's words and exposing the vulnerabilities of a character's human spirit."

- Arturo Catricala, Director

"I know I can enjoy high-quality LGBTQ productions in a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. NCTC productions look at current social issues from a queer perspective. AND has a sense of humor (when appropriate)!"

- Eric Janasen, Donor


"As a director, NCTC has afforded me the ability to speak to and inform and guide new works while learning new skills in how to showcase art and talent."

- ShawnJ West, Director and Actor

"The friendly people make me feel welcome, and the theatre and lobby space are warm and inviting. The intimacy of the theater spaces makes me feel very engaged with the plays and actors."

- Eve Lynch, Donor


"Watching the actors come into their character is always a great moment. As NCTC has done for the first decades, I look forward to seeing them continue to show us our lives in meaningful and entertaining ways."

- Tom O'Brien, Designer


"NCTC is a cultural institution here in San Francisco and has had a long history with queer Asian theater."

- Cesar Cadabes, Partner, GAPA



"NCTC has displayed a rare and wonderful loyalty to its artists that makes it feel like you're part of a history and artistic collective."

- Charles Busch, Playwright


"I appreciate the friendly staff and unpretentious atmosphere. I am always pleasantly surprised when NCTC staff remember my name."

- Mark Terell, Subscriber


"It's sort of 'hidden' in its location, making traveling to the venue like being let in on a secret."

- Charles Lewis, The Thinking Man's Idiot

"The people at NCTC make it a home for me. I don't think I would be the person I am today without having been a part of NCTC."

- Christian Mejia, Designer


"A true intimate theater experience sets NCTC apart from other theaters."

- Gary Demyen, Donor

"NCTC attracts dynamic people full of curiosity and who are willing to help each other."

- Jewelle Gomez, Playwright


"I am still in touch with the grown ups I taught YEARS AGO in an NCTC improv class. NCTC has amazing kids, amazing teaching artists, and a supportive environment."

- Jenny Rosen, Teaching Artist


"The staff is smart and compassionate and the audiences are adventurous."

-Tim Pinckney, Playwright


"NCTC feels like family with caring people both behind the scenes and on stage, telling stories that reflect me and my community, and providing a welcoming environment."

- Michael Levy, Donor


"This is the arts center that most sincerely welcomes me into its environment."

- Joe Wicht, Artist


"The Conservatory embraced me as I stepped into my role as Teaching Artist, and thanks to the generous guidance I've received I have grown as an educator. NCTC is also a home for me because of its commitment to inclusivity. The organization's 40-year practice of embracing minority and marginalized communities sets a shining example for me as I work to be the best ally I can be and makes me proud to be a part of NCTC."

- Julia Thollaug, Teaching Artist


"I appreciate NCTC's focus on gay plays and a staff that remembers you."

- Oakley Stephens, Donor



"NCTC is truly one of my theatre homes. I look forward to more beautiful LGBTQ stories from NCTC in the years to come."

- Del Shores, Playwright & Director


"Great focus on LGBT writers and content, especially by new and undiscovered writers."

-Bev Scott, Donor

"NCTC has a rich history of acclaimed productions of LGBT-themed plays."

- Jim Provenzano, Bay Area Reporter

"We love the magic of live theater. NCTC provides intimate spaces to explore great stories often overlooked by the larger producers."

- Randall Shields, Donor

"The NCTC staff is always friendly, helpful, and supportive. NCTC's audiences are delightful, appreciative, and enthusiastic. Everyone knows and loves theater at NCTC. It's a joyful place for me to work."

- Christine Macomber, Actor


"So many have been powerful stories and memories of LGBT experiences. NCTC has a wonderful staff, warmth and caring both at the theater and virtually."

- Allan Gold, Donor

"My collaboration with NCTC was the first time I worked with artists in the Bay Area and I was constantly amazed by their talent and humanity. NCTC has that sense of intimacy for artists to want to be honest with their work and themselves. I hope NCTC will become a national home for new queer theatre that moves culture and inspires cross-generational and global conversations."

- Yilong Liu, Playwright

"Community, Family, Friends, Shared Experiences. My late husband David introduced me to NCTC which became an important part of our lives and now mine."

- Norm Abramson, Donor


"Quality gay-themed productions. Excellent production values and interesting play choices." 

- Richard Wolinsky, KEXP

"NCTC offers a feeling of belonging and a shared love of theatre (even for a 64 year old straight woman who lives in Sacramento!) The patrons of NCTC appreciate and respect the theatre."

- Hallie Henle, Subscriber

"Small, intimate company with high artistic standards that supports premiers of new works and diverse topics."

- Ron Jenkins, Donor



"NCTC's helped me grow as an artist because of the type of work I've been able to do."

- Desiree Rogers, Actor & Board Member


"NCTC has been a home because of Ed, gay productions, and jewels like Jewelle Gomez."

- Jim Taul, Donor


"The future is so bright, you have to wear shades."

- Bennet Marks & Kim Harris, Donors

"Whatever other work I do elsewhere, it's still valuable to me, as a gay actor, to have a place to go where I can participate in sharing the stories of my community with other members of my community and its allies."

- Matt Weimer, Actor


Click here to see what's coming up in the 2021-22 Season.