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The Law of Attraction

Jan 15 - Feb 21, 2021

By Patricia Milton

World Premiere

America’s Self-Help Sweetheart, MJ Powers, has built her brand on creating the ultimate guide to the perfect relationship. In real life, her lover Natalie is suing over the personal details in her latest book, her career is on the brink, and it looks like her “ultimate guide” is a jumbled roadmap. A brand new comedy of bad manners, The Law of Attraction explores just how miserable “perfect” really can be.


By Patricia Milton




“Milton’s breezy dialogue finds both the humor and anxiety of the situations” - Bay Area Reporter


“Playwright Patricia Milton has good comic chops” - TheatreStorm


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Patricia Milton’s full-length plays have been produced by Central Works, Wily West Productions, Curan Repertory Company (New York), Theatre Esprit Asia (Denver), Paper Wing Theatre (Monterey), Lavanta Productions (Istanbul), Theatre Out (Santa Ana), Fritz Theatre (San Diego), and Desert Rose Theatre (Palm Springs, CA). Milton has had more than one hundred productions and readings of short plays internationally, including at the San Francisco Exploratorium, PlayGround SF, Woman’s Will, Women’s Theatre Project, Bay Area One Acts, and City Lights Theatre.
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