Mission:  To develop and produce work by emerging actors, singers, and writers.

Objective:  To nurture the creativity and expand the canon of queer and allied artists.

NCTC Emerging Artists Program Presents
Alaska Revisited
by Reinette Senum
June 12-15, 2014

Join Reinette Senum as she weaves a courageous, heartfelt tale about self-discovery and the power of the human spirit. Alaska Revisited will be directed by Andrew Nance.

Humorous and animated in its telling, Alaska Revisited is the story of a young woman (Senum) whose search for answers about her wandering life lead her to the Alaskan wilderness. Traveling over 1,500 miles and hauling a sled weighing 160 pounds, this 27 year old self-made pioneer finds joy and indescribable strength as she struggles with the elements. Battling sub-freezing temperatures, exhaustion, and the vast loneliness, the trials and triumphs are hers alone.

NCTC Emerging Artists Program Presents
by Evan Johnson
June 19 - 28, 2014
Back by popular demand, Evan Johnson (NCTC 2012-13 Emerging Artist in Residence) will bring his one-man show, Pansy, to NCTC’s stages, June 19-28, 2014. Pansy will be directed by Ben Randle.

Set in modern day San Francisco, Pansy begins with Michael’s (Johnson) discovery of a time capsule in his basement. As Michael looks through the capsule’s contents of VHS tapes, audio cassettes and worn party fliers, parallels begin to emerge between his life and that of 90's gay club kid Peter Pansy. As the twin narratives unfold, the audience is transported back and forth across a 20 year span of time. Building on the tradition of the Queer Solo Show, Johnson uses physical theatre, shadowplay and performance art night club aesthetics to heighten his historical drama.
Participation in the NCTC Emerging Artists Program is by invitation only.

The Emerging Artists Program is supported in part by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation,
Kenneth Rainin Foundation,Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, and NCTC’s Producer’s Circle.

To support the Emerging Artists Program or to learn more, please contact Ben Randle at

Evan Johnson

Watch the PANSY trailer
Ben Randle
Actor, Director, Playwright

HOLD ME CLOSER, TINY DIONYSUS: A Greek Comedy Rock Epic (2012)
J. Conrad Frank
aka Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skye
Actor, Singer, Playwright
Michael Phillis
Actor, Director, Playwright
Amanda King
Actress & Singer
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